How Long Does It Take For Funds To Show Up In Binance?

Well, no restrictions. In simple terms, whenever a user buys a cryptocurrency on exchange via one of the supported payment methods – it’s going to be allocated to the user’s account balance instantly. There is a withdrawal limit as well – if you want to withdraw more than (X) BTC per day from trading platform within 7 days of trading activity via any means, then please contact Gate Support Team from their respective channels for further assistance.

Binance deposit can take up to 3-5 days as we need your KYC documents and bank details after confirming that you are an active trader with enough funds at Binance exchange. Once you have confirmation of funding and contact us by sending emails or chat messages, we will promptly send back appropriate information so that we may deposit the deposit funds on Binance Exchange and issue corresponding wallet key(s) and/or bitcoin address(es) for trading purposes (as applicable). We recommend that all traders verify both their email address and phone number on prior to withdrawals of funds from binance or their future deposits into binance Funds Wallet