How Long Does It Take For Funds To Transfer From Gdax To Binance?

i’ve been trying to transfer my funds from gdax to binance for over a week now, and had the account closed without any feedback. i have been using this email [email protected] on gdax, and had no issues transferring from there. does anyone know how long it takes from that point?

What is a difference between Exchange services chargeable vs free of charge?

I want to do multiple exchanges in GDAX so I am looking forward to doing money on different exchanges with less fees while maintaining all my bitcoin balance on the same exchange. So what is the difference between exchange services charged versus having it free of charge ? What are benefits or disadvantages if you use both? Do they differ in their withdrawal limits ? Would you recommend buying bitcoin directly at Coinbase (no charges) or using exchanges like Binance (free but charges for withdrawals?). Thank you !! -Nicolas