How Long Does It Take For Funds To Transfer To Binance?

TransferGo (XTG) is a global remittance and payments app. Just like how we interface with the world by using different currencies, we also accept money from different countries as payment for services such as bill payments, mobile top-ups, tx fees as well as purchasing items such as food and groceries. The history of TransferGo starts in July 2018 when they started allowing non-local transfer of funds to their platform. Up until now they have been sending positive signals to investors by working on product development and partnership with other platforms providing same service such as Circle and Ripple. Currently TransferGo has offices in Nigeria and Japan where it facilitates money transfers between those two countries using its blockchain platform. They just announced that they will partner with Vinnik who has been arrested by Russia’s law enforcement agencies for his alleged involvement in an illegal multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency exchange network which bears his name – WannaCry ransomware attack. In order to facilitate greater financial inclusion for Africans due to bad customer experiences with banks before falling prey to cyber attacks from hackers which receive ransom from the bank account holders it makes sense for this company to make fresh partnerships wtth great blockchain start up companies that can help bring real innovation into the new millenniums decentralized technology space particularly Africa where most people lack access or trust of proper banking system due to interconnectedness of government bodies involved with developing countries financially involving themselves along dimensions of selling palm oil, firearms import/export agreements corruption etc.. Although it is still not clear