How Long Does It Take To Confirm Bitcoin Cash On Binance?

To begin with, how long does it take for a transaction to confirm on the Bitcoin network? We assume that all transactions you send will be confirmed within an hour. For deposits and withdrawals we assume an average time of 10 hours. If you need to make more than one transaction, we recommend waiting multiple days between each one. This way if any are stuck they are likely forgotten by everyone else in the world who uses Bitcoin Cash. To purchase with BCH do it at Coinbase or Bitpay before starting. A good rule of thumb is to let any coins not transferred go two months without touching them unless they involve money exchanges or remittance which already have high fees attached through banks, thereby eliminating the need for BCH users to buy bitcoin cash using fiat currency. Keep your eyes open for pyramid schemes disguised as miners mining BCash “willy-nilly”, low hashrate scams, and high electricity usage scams that promise cheap electricity but mine very little themselves providing ludicrous returns on investments. A penny left out overnight can be gone the next morning! Also note some scammers are attempting systematic defrauding attacks against even small amounts of bitcoins lying around so keep track of your bitcoins(other altcoins) with Trezor/Ledger/Keepkey/Trezor wallet apps if possible before sending them off to BTC chain thieves! See above under question about how long does bitcoin cash take to transfer from binance?

How much does it cost per month or year?