How Long Does It Take To Deposit Into Binance?

While I was able to log in and spend funds on the exchange, it has been disabled for now.

The 2-factor authentication process takes about a minute to complete a transaction. To make a purchase, users can either deposit cash into their binance account or trade bitcoin for ether through the platform’s “buy” button. Users can use any of their existing ethereum wallets to purchase BTC via this method too – though whether they will receive ethereum as part of the payment remains unclear right now because nobody knows how long it will take them to emerge from beta status. Until then, users are left with even more uncertainty regarding how long it will take to receive funds from all sales made using ibnuance’s site … but at least they know that deposits ave at least a few minutes before official trading commences once again! As mentioned earlier, trading is currently unavailable on minexcoin until Monday… so bear this in mind if you have been waiting much longer than usual for your withdrawals since going live two weeks ago! You may also wish to watch their facebook page or Twitter feed as it sounds as tho there could be further delays coming this week as well. The hope is that those who have been stuck without access for 3 whole days would afterwards be able buy afterwards after minexibnace have received sufficient revenue from those unable withdraw recently from being disabled by binance staff!! Its not clear why binance closed its doors rather abruptly.. According