How Long Does It Take To Get My Funds In Binance?

As soon as your Trading account is funded you can then buy BTC or ETH and exchange it for BNB in the platform. Binance only supports a few currencies so even purchasing other coins on the platform will use your BNB to purchase more of that coin. Also, don’t forget that some coins do not have an equal BTC/ETH ratio so some spending may incur a fee when exchanging some coins for others. For example, there are a handful of tokens that will only accept USD while being traded on other exchanges that have high fees to convert from one token into another. Now you know what I mean by “Fee-less Exchange”

How many altcoins does binance support?

Binance has added all known ERC20 tokens since April 2018! You will find nearly 2000 coins listed on their charts which increases daily with each new altcoin experiment they make. They all support but not necessarily directly through trading pairs via their website . If you do see any trade pairs on a new exchange make sure they support the coin before making a transfer! Avoid getting scammed! Additionally, if an exchange is already running off an ICO don’t get involved until further notice from the team due to possible secondary crowd sales where users get kicked out after contribution acceptance. Always check official social media accounts for updates on announcements🤘👇🏻