How Long Does It Take To Get Your Own Dogecoin?

Hello good afternoon, my good friend and it depends on the value of bitcoin and some other factors such as: i) if you buy it using a credit card or an exchange like Coinbase; ii) how many dogecoins you want to get, iii) last but not least, if you own more than 1% of all outstanding dogecoins then I suggest that it takes around 30 days (more precisely .. 30 business days) to get your own dogecoin.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a physical kind of Internet currency named after this shiba inu: What makes Dogecoin different from traditional money that is backed by gold or government guarantees? Its developers have been focusing on security. To date, no one has been able to crack the digital currencie network running under the hood whereby exchanges are verified and transactions are processed in less than three minutes per block time compared with Bitcoin’s ten minutes per block. No one is going to hack Dogecoin because there is no reason for them too! Now what’s next for Dogecoin after gaining traction in recent months? Since its launch nearly a year ago … Despite being founded back in 2013 following a lighthearted joke, there s a community out there dedicated to growing ol’ Dog still today! In December 2014, they raised over 3 million dollars through crowdfunding s with