How Long Does It Take To Recieve Bitcoin In Binance?

and how can i move coins and bitcoins into my wallet?

Thanks, but I’m not sure the correct question is: what happens when you receive coins in a non-deposit address? If you want to know who holds the coins. Binance automatically sends all incoming transactions to your deposit addresses — so the only time they spend from an incoming transaction is if they spend from it by mistake or because they have been sent there by mistake. In this case, if you have a balance of 1 BTC in an outgoing transaction and someone cancels that transfer, Binance will return 1 BTC back to your account so it matches your original deposit address(es). That’s a little unusual though. Most exchanges do not send assets held for withdrawal back to deposits at all — few even have a policy that says that withdrawals are invalid if an old withdraw sits idle for more than 15 minutes or something like that. This is why it’s important to cherry pick when transferring your funds between different addresses. For example, if I separate my “household money/savings/investing” from my “beach life savings” by moving them out of the same separate blockchain addresses one after another over nights while doing other stuff on reddit / twitter / youtube / etc., then no one can steal anything from me using hacking tools against bitcoin wallets without also stealing everything else in my wallets too. So everything is safe as long as no one can get into any