How Long Does It Take To Send Binance To Binance?

Q: Why don’t binance support DEX?

A: It is not an easy job to develop a DEX for any cryptocurrency. You may read more on this here.

Q: What happens if XRP (Ripple) gets listed on Binance? Will we get our profits back? How about ZIL and DVC (Vanich)? Do they hold any value once their listing has been completed? A: You can see the details on how we will handle that here and here and also see the update of X-change (with Ripple) and its status after the previous announcement from Binance. Link Here Q: Will you list all cryptos or just some of them within four weeks or so? How many major cryptos will be listed in this move to start with as against say, maybe 10% as announced now as compared to 3 months ago? A: We have no set target for how many coins we choose, but at least 50 high quality cryptocurrencies that have strong communities/users/developers involved in their projects. The more user it has, the better chance of getting listed on Binance is there. This move by us comes at a time when most exchanges are busy focusing on shilling out unnamed coins with nothing behind them other than promises from anonymous parties who only intend bailing out with most coins within 3-1 month after listing itself without satisfying even 5% of all traders using their platforms following this morning’s hack attack fiasco at