How Long Does It Take To Send Crypto?

Webchain (to give it its full name) and Hotbit — the two platforms that we’re developing — will be available around the world during our beta phase. Once we launch, KuCoin and IDEX will add Webchain for trading, along with several other exchanges.

First impressions of Webchain coincide with other blockchain projects such as Binance, Waves and TRON: many people think they should not trade their assets on your platform. This is because you allow KYC/AML to take place at any time during a deposit process — something that still doesn’t happen today in most places where trading is allowed. It looks like there are no restrictions and all bets are high — just like when you started CryptoDerivatives Platform! This allows us to offer you even more flexibility than the big exchanges do: we would be happy to get feedback from clients who want more data about an event or who want to “skinny dip” without overly-complicated verification conditions. In addition, crypto derivatives can provide diversification benefits which make them better investments for risk-averse traders looking for low-cost products.