How Long Does It Take To Transfter From Gdax To Binance?

How to transfer money from one exchange to other for coin. how long does it take to transfter from gdax to binance? — Erick Mazur (@ErickMazur) April 3, 2018

Is it worth staking bitcoin on DEX like Binance and Bittrex? (im new here and speak broken English.) Before asking any question, just understand that I can’t help you with that or maybe I can but i don’t know how. If yes then please read up about this topic because you might won’t be able to get rich quick by just staking either because of the fees too high or the percentage is such a pittance such as 0.000015%. — Erick Mazur (@ErickMazur) May 5, 2018

What is the best way to buy stocks in cryptocurrency via stockBrokers? — Karlspetermann (@Klupfenbutter_Karl) March 31, 2018