How Long Does It Usually Takes To Deposite Btc From Coin Base To Binance?

[2017-11-24 09:21:23] you can deposit dollars on binance and buy bitcoins [2017-11-24 09:21:31] * eqiuke (5e0441ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined [2017-11-24 09:22:12] You don’t even need a US bank account to manage your MMM investment, so it’s not so much the bank that matters but the US government deciding which financial services are subject to regulation in your jurisdiction… [2017-11-24 09:22:17] * quanticle (~quanticle@unaffiliated/quanticle) has joined [2017-11-24 09:26:48] *** lymparis (~lucretia@ has quit (Quit: pfft – story over.) [2017-11-24 10:12:34] nice thread with all the discussion of bitcoin pending regulations … what will happen when it is dropped from coinbase? I assume people will be able to move it out when they want…. [2017-11-24 10:15:56] ^^ when is that going to be :p [2017-11-24 10:18:04] *** vilix