How Long Does Transfering Eth From Coinbase To Binance Take?

I have been trying to transfer my Ethereum from Coinbase to Binance after my ERC20 tokens will be listed. Currently the transfer takes 27 hours and I need it urgently/daily! Any help?

As they just don’t have enough capacity for transfers, deposits, withdrawals etc. It needs to be resolved asap or else they will most likely shut down trading for a while until it’s sorted out. Hope everything is fine ^^ And welcome back btw 😀 If you wanna chat, PM me!

It has been almost a week since the announcement of deposits being suspended due to low transaction volume on Binance so obviously there are some delays when sending fiat funds into the exchange…. Always best practice not to leave pays in your wallet but come up with an exchange that can accept you amount of USD without liquidation problems… As far as ETH liquidation goes? They will definitely go through eventually no matter how long it takes because right now bis aren’t accepting many coins anyway but once they do you should already start looking at exchanges that can take your coin ^^ You want them in fiat? Then why go thru all the hassle of getting listings when eth liquidation might still work if untested^^ A glimmer of hope maybe??