How Long Does Withdrawing Eth From Binance Take?

the closest to being a default outcome in the market, but not quite there.Over time, it has been demonstrated that lenders have a high degree of confidence in lending money to borrowers who want to repay it in the future.As well as offering a way for users across Europe and worldwide to deposit their funds in a safe and secure manner, the service aims at improving co-operation between independent regulators from different jurisdictions under one roof.Deposit Methods: All deposits are processed instantly through our payment partners iFinex Inc., Bitfinex Inc., Bitpay Inc., xCoins Ltd., Okcoin Co,.Settlements will occur on a daily basis during normal market hours out of New York (US Eastern Time), clearinghouse accounts held by GDAX.Only available for US (and TX) residents at this time!Learn more about how eth is stored here Save your passphrase or create an account if you do not already have one.There are two options for withdrawing bitcoin though; Both require manually funding an external bitcoin wallet with any amount of bitcoin (up to 1).A new block is created roughly every 10 minutes, marking each one with special transactions known as “transactions blocks” or simply txs.) You might also get some free coins after opening your Account verification email within 5 days of account creation.).

How does everyone expect people will keep their ETH long term when they can just cash it back into USD on btc base?