How Long For Xrp Transaction To Get Confirmed?

where can you spend xrp?

how do i get my coins from to my wallet?

all been asked but ive been stuck in this forum for a few hours reading nothing and trying to find a answer i just want the coins in my wallet fast!

thanks in advance! Hey guys,ive read a lot of threads but cant find what im looking for..Any info would be great..I have sent out 40 worth of XRP from blockchain info slowly reciving them with replies like “You’ll get your coins after 5 confirmations”….what does that mean…ill need them really bad right now since one of the exchanges they where on is hacked or something and they wont even give me my coins back!!!!can anyone point me in the right direction towards how long does it take for transaction to get confirmed?and which wallets can you use it with? i wanna transfer these into a paper wallet thats private and secure where only I control the private key?!I dont care about faucets or anything else im just wanting to transfer these into an account that will not steal them from me!!!!also if someone could put how many confirmations should this be at before its approved id appreciate that too!!!i also think it took 1 hour for each tx before sending so thats why id like how much time should 3-4 txs take to show up????any advice would be great people!!this has happened 2 times already!!how long