How Long Is An Ether Transfer From Gdax To Binance?

Ethereum price gdax binance – ethereum gdax transfers to binance 2018-05-31: Yes, the withdrawal time is based on the transaction fee paid and takes about 10 minutes. The more you pay, the faster it will be processed. More generally, we recommend that you do not make any withdrawals until a planned hard fork in the future introduces new transaction types with improved effectiveness against unwanted double spending. In general, your withdrawal will be completed before this date as long as there is sufficient network activity at the time of your request–which depends very much on your country’s size! Please note that if a hard fork occurs before a planned hard fork in terms of block count (and therefore gas limit), then existing Ether balances will likely remain safe unless their private keys are compromised.[1] For further information about upcoming changes please see our Hard Fork road map or direct questions to GDAX support or Slockit Support