How Long Odes It Take To Get Verified On Binance?

There are lots of ways to get Verified, here is how it works; Depending on the tier you’re in, your account will be verified within 24 hours. By using Binance’s mobile app, when logged into your account from a mobile device, verification takes only 3 minutes. Using an email address from any email service provider that supports Binance’s verification process, verification can take up to 10 days. In addition to the support services provided by our various partners globally for their local markets and languages, Binance provides services across 17 languages in our customer support operations which ensure a comprehensive level of assistance in delivering priority customer service experience. My btc went to my binance wallet but not in my binance trades yet

Hi guys so im in the middle of transferring some money from exchange I used the guide found online i seen many guides claim u need to withdraw funds from eliandry altcoin and use eur1 coin go throw exchage then click on deposit there is no order id for this step does anyone know please please help thanks #2 · 8 months ago When I try to add or withdraw BTC I dont see my Binance bitcoins listed under Deposit/Withdrawals anymore even though they have been successfully deposited before? Can someone clarify what is going on with this issue?3 · 8 months agoWhen you mean “in less than 5 minutes” do actually mean something like “I sent 3700 XMR for 4 BTC at .0013023 that took 18