How Long To Send From Binance To Toast?

If you take into account that the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, like Coinbase and Kraken typically only support BTC – LTC – ETH – BCH – EOS – BNB – ADA — it gets really hard to find a legitimate exchange that doesn’t take significant amounts of time to transfer crypto from one place to another.

Also, as we mentioned before, if you’re looking for speed or decentralization, Ethfinex is the best choice for those who are willing to spend some money on their exchange.

Binance Review: Fees and Limits?

Although there is no official fee schedule that we could find and you should be mindful of hidden fees when transferring funds out of your Toast wallet — according to their customer service team — it looks like Toast has the most favorable terms in the industry currently. When asked about how much was actually spent on transaction fees we were told: “Transaction fees vary by amount transferred but generally lower than 0.1% for bigger transactions which is far less than 1%. In fact, our average users pay around 0.002%. Smaller transfers can also be done without fees depending on your order size” . We were also assured that additional fiat withdrawals would cost around 30c per transaction. Meaning a transfer from Binance costs ~US$1-US$2 fee + 30 cents = roughly 50c – 60c , whereas a deposit into an ERC20 token would probably not even register as an expense to them