How Long To Transfer Nexo Xrp To Binance?

Why we do not use cash in our marketplace? We believe that cash is a very convenient and fast way of paying, but the disadvantages of using it:

There is no minimum amount (however small) that you can buy with cash and there’s no limit for how much you can buy.

Due to lack of regulation over cash transfer, banks refuse to accept it as payment when selling goods and services. You will need to use bank cards or other means such as Western Union or Moneygram in order to send money abroad.

Your transaction might get canceled if you fail to fill in your personal information accurately. This makes tracking your money very difficult. Instead, we offer fiat-transfer options where we process your order right away and provide a receipt which you can then send us back in order to exchange the coins into fiat currency once received by Binance. The process takes only a few minutes.*You will normally receive your funds under 10 minutes from placing order on Binance Exchange! If there was any problem or question about this operation please see “Refunds” section below.*How do I get my nexo XRP?In general terms there are two ways – direct exchange into bitcoin/ether/dashcoin etc., up2date withdrawal which uses csv file format. Any feedback about this issue would be useful!Please contact us for further details!*Withdrawing Your CryptoCoinsTo withdraw them from one account into another requires