How Long Will It Xrp To Transfer In Poloniex?

It’s not clear how long it will take, but in normal circumstances it would be expected to be hours or days.

Why won’t my transaction go through? Why did you send the ETH instead of ETH_XRPHOETH? Why did you send the transfer when you’re paused? The answer to these might change once we finish collecting data about the situation (how high was the gas prices for this request, what were trade volumes etc). You’ll likely receive an email with further updates. We’ve also created a categorized FAQ for this event. When will I get my XRP? As soon as your transaction is mined; currently there are many execution threads competing for mining farms (over time more processing power will come online which should hopefully decrease delays), though they may continue running for hours or even days if execution demands remain high enough. If your tx doesn’t show up in poloniex, feel free to ask here and we can try and find out why; please provide as much detail as possible (type of exchange , request type such as “sell/buy” or “send/receive”, amounts of crypto transferred, whether yubikey has been enabled etc.) How do I verify if my transaction has gone through?

You can check at . Or look at blockchain explorer: filter: %f+SOUND