How Long Would It Take To Transfer Eth From Coinbase To Binance?

I use coinbase and binance has a different address format than coinbase.

I don’t want to transfer “all” eth from one place to another. Is that generally not advisable? I just started trading and this seems like extra stuff I need to keep track of. Just curious if anyone else is struggling with the same issue. Thanks!I would like to ask you guys if it’s possible for someone with AML/KYC verification on Coinbase, could claim coins from Binance which AML/KYC didn’t occur on their platform because they are not required for depositing/withdrawing crypto in most countries where crypto occurs? Because this is what I am currently thinking about doing regarding my new account on binance… Then at some later point, exchange the claiming eth back to btc or even fiat… Is this an option?Of course it can be done but you’d have to move all your BTC into Binance then send them all out after receiving ether…. It wouldn’t be very safe either way because once there are no longer any bitcoins available at bittrex you would lose access to ETH entirely until both funds are moved again within 3 days of each other which isn’t recommended unless there is extremely high volume being traded…..



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