How Many Blocks Are Made A Day Dogecoin?

Whilst many altcoins have been increasing in volume, Dogecoin was recently the largest crypto on the market. As of this writing it had an impressive market cap of $63 Million while Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin fell to 5th and 6th place respectively. A large portion of these investments were driven by a bot that pumped up doge prices by purchasing large amounts of it. Although this attracted some attention from investors, there is still no answer as to how much doge there really is in circulation. This assumption has been around since 2014 but continues to make headline news even today after nearly two years with no clarification from anyone involved on any figure or numbers for circulation. In response to these questions we reach out directly to our most popular writer Simon Gorman who spent time speaking with an anonymous member of the community:

What has lead dogecoin into prominence? Why? For most people?

So anyone can invest in cryptocurrencies and most people want instant gratification, so why would they buy them based solely off research if they can buy unverified coins themselves? Well truthfully everything is relative, when considering the price at which unique coins are sold you need only look at Dogecoin’s price history since 2015, when buying such coins began costing more than GBP 0.5 cents per DOGE (this was later changed – see chart below). If we compare that example then with other top 20 digital currencies we find that USDOLLAR has seen;;;