How Many Dogecoin Can I Mine With A Home Computer?

Using a Raspberry Pi, a home computer and P2Pool you can mine Dogecoin with a very simple setup. This guide will help walk you through the process from start to finish.


In this guide I will be using my Raspberry Pi as the host/server piece of equipment, however it is possible to use any device as the server. In order to do so make sure your system has P2pool installed and running. You can download p2pool from here: P2Pool Download Page – Source Code – Binary How To Run Instructions – Announcements Page – Get Help On IRC

To run p2pool on a raspberry pi we need to install all of the dependencies first: The CMake package manager allows us to easily compile binaries of our program (in this case p2pool) on another machine that is installed with apt-get or yum (Fedora users). Install Cmake by entering this command in terminal sudo apt-get install cmake Note: If for some reason apt-gets natty 14 installation fails, try installing ubuntu 12.04 instead since it will work (where “natty” means “release”). Next we will manually create libraries directory where pip packages can find their dependencies by entering cd /usr/src/pypi/ sudo mkdir build path next let’s get cpp development files for libboost-dev which provides some crucial development libraries via Ubuntu repositories enter sudo w