How Many Ripple Xrp Can I Get Out Of $100Usd??

XRP has been the biggest gainer of the year, shooting up from a price of less than a dollar to a staggering $3.80 per coin. This incredible value increase came in spite of Ripple’s announcement that it is also going to be making an XRPL token for its enterprise blockchain network xRapid. The plan is to use this token as a bridge currency when sending cross border payments between banks and financial institutions with proven track records running on legacy networks such as SWIFT or ACH payments. In order for this idea to work though, Ripple needs billions in liquidity from its own native currency bitcoin cash which is highly unlikely when compared against other cryptocurrencies such as Etherium and Litecoin. So how many coins will you receive if you buy 100 US dollars worth of ripple right now? Well based on data provided by Ripple’s official website the answer comes in at 252000 XRP coins valued at over $17 Million! Wow! If you can believe it, this even includes 70 million XRP which were given out through their initial coin offering (ICO) back in 2014! Yes people, there used to be more than enough liquidity behind ripple currencies before 2018 hit and destroyed that dream! There are two ways that people get paid the tokens though: one way is by giving it away during an ICO which seems like more trouble than its worth considering all of these new cryptocurrencies popping up without any value yet and face value fast approaching zero!. Another way would be mining