How Many Us Dollars Is One Bitcoin?

And what about the question of Who OWNs Bitcoins? bitcoin is a peer to peer currency system, meaning there are no middle men. With a fractional reserve banking system, you have a central bank that takes in bitcoin deposits and gives out fiat based on need for survival. Everything from your iPhone that you bought with bitcoins goes through the banks before it reaches you. You can spend bitcoins from these deposited funds or from any bitcoins that YOU have either mined via mining software or acquired by trading/pools/whatever YOU choose to do with them. In other words, YOU own YOUR money and control it 100%. This is not the case with Bitcoin where its distributed amongst all users equally at cryptographically secure algorithms. Thus NO one can take your money without having it first stolen away by government central bankers using fractional reserves to prop up their reckless debt worse than usury banking. Let me ask you one last time…What countries where the United States currently uses Fractional Reserve Banking? number 1-3 would be correct…Where does Britain use Fractional Reserve Banking?How many us dollars is one bitcoin?And what about the question of Who OWNs Bitcoins?



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