How Many Watt Hours In A 18 Volt Xrp Dewalt Battery?

Ryo W. Such a great buy! I have only had it about a month, but I love it so far! It charges fast and has a true 18 volt battery with no noticeable drop in power during the charge time. The led lights at the ends of each rail glow really bright when using it on my drill or saw, so I’d highly suggest putting them out before you start working. They can be seen from long distances away if you don’t catch them first or turn off the lights. The only thing holding me back from giving this 5 stars is that, at least to my cheap eyes, there are some scratches along each side that seem to run straight across the power intake area under the rails/battery holder. I may end up taking a dremel to those later as they aren’t too machine-like looking and might detract from an otherwise beautiful piece(that I paid nearly twice as much for) of equipment

John F. Like everything else DeWalt makes , this charger does not disappoint ! Charges fast & cuts cords . The unit was well packaged & arrived within days of ordering . Highly recommend if you want cord management without having to replace those annoying extension cords !