How Many Xrp Have Been Burned This Year?

If a user wants to buy a pair of size 8 shoes, they normally spend about £100. If the same user wanted to invest in .5 BTC, the math would be roughly £500 over 10 years. That is about 1xrp per year! Over time, from this model it looks like 1xrp spent today will get you approximately 3-4xrp 15 years down the road.

Can xrp be burned?

Yes. The reason for this restriction is that there must only be one XRP asset being activated at any one time on the system and if it can not then all users pay a penalty called a “liquidation fee” which usually amounts to 10 cents per transaction or 1% of how much xrp value was held by each user at the time of entry into the contract. Thus if someone wanted to burn an XRP worth $1m, whilst having around $0.5m in their account they would have to make sure none of their transactions during this period was valued above ten cents or more than 10% of whatever amount they had stashed away – otherwise this would cost them large sums up front and result in less XRPS being burnt overall across everyone’s accounts who made more than ten cents worth of activity during that period – effectively wasting money on fees instead of burning coins as intended. Remember that everyone still has access to those .5s which were burnt as part of splitting