How Much Can I Make Staking Crypto?

” where the people with the most wallets are able to earn all of their gains.

The Majority Rule Method is based on a simple mathematical rule that is used to determine whether or not an upcoming block of transactions will be accepted by the network. If the data received from the network is “tl;dr” this method will return sub-optimal results in most situations. Precisely because it depends on the details about each transaction, Most Rules aren’t useful for actionable trading decisions but rather more for providing guidelines on what values to accept and how they can best be achieved. Also known as the BBT Method or just BBR for “Bitcoin Best Practices”.[5]

If you want high returns then Staking refers to earning rewards anytime your coins are held in a wallet that supports staking (which currently consists only of hardware wallets) without paying any transaction fees.

Staking isn’t free money though, you still end up paying zero transaction fees when sending coins so your gains are limited initially but if you have 3k pounds of btc sitting around collecting dust , perhaps you should think about staking them all? Sure if you have time restrictions or got no interest in crypto but otherwise I would look at getting hold of some good hardware wallets before considering staking anyways…