How Much Can You Earn Staking Crypto?

We all know that the market volatility has been fluctuating dramatically and in most cases, we don’t like it. We all need stable and consistent income. This is where staking comes in and allows you to earn steady returns on your investment no matter when they happen. Although there is a lot of research on this subject, there still isn’t an easy way of calculating how much you will be earning from staking cryptocurrency, especially when you are comparing different coins or even exchanges to each other. That’s why we will start this article by explaining what Cryptonight staking does and then we will back up our claims with historical data for each coin we discuss below:

How crypto mining works

When someone wants to invest in mining hardware, they may just blindly buy the top/newest/fastest miner without knowing exactly what they are getting into their mining rig. They might choose to buy a powerful ASIC instead of GPU because it can sometimes save them more money depending on which coin they want their miners for (X11/PoW). The reason people opt for these heavy rigs is because such devices can produce x10 or x100 faster than GPU rigs so if someone buys a machine that can mine any cryptocurrency using CryptoNight algorithm, his or her earnings will go up exponentially once the market price goes up due to an increase in difficulty rate(coins price also rises during periods of growth). With almost all currencies if the difficulty rate goes higher