How Much Can You Make Crypto Trading?

Trading cryptocurrency for a living is no easy feat. For every trader that makes a fortune, there are many more who see their portfolio dwindle. While it’s difficult to foretell the future of cryptocurrencies, you can take certain steps to ensure your wealth isn’t at risk during the inevitable volatility of the market:

Ensure your fund is liquid enough and banked with reputable institutions: There’s nothing worse than keeping all your coins in an exchange wallet and not having access to funds. It also allows you to move money quickly if something goes wrong or another asset gets hot on the heels of Bitcoin. Be conservative: The total number one rule traders (and investors) should adhere to is never invest more than you’re willing to lose. This may sound like common sense but too many people try and make up their losses by doubling or tripling down on trades rather than cut their losses and walk away from investments before they reach “breaking point”. Tweak your system for automated trading: Do some research and planning so you can place trades at least once a day based on charts, news feed updates and real-time events – plus don’t forget to buy crypto daily as well! Never invest more than 1% of your portfolio just because others are making lots of profits: Many people get swept up by the latest hot picks such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Ethereum Classic (ETC), enviously panicking into buying these altcoins only to find out that they’ve lost everything