How Much Can You Make Staking Crypto?

There is no short answer to this question. You can never be sure that your stake will increase at the exact same pace as all other stakes within the network you’re participating in. Moreover, it is very hard to predict how much your block reward will be worth in USD terms for example because there are too many variables involved. The smart thing to do would probably be taking an average estimate of what you could earn if you stake the entire capital available now without ever selling anything or even gaining any interest on them. Then take that into consideration with current market value of Bitcoin and other major currencies, e.g. the US$ worth of BTC at time of writing versus BTCUSD price curve up till September 1st 2017 ( Staking might not make sense at all if there’s a better investment opportunity elsewhere which gives you say 3x more return per year than staking does. However, staking would still be highly valuable even then because it will give another layer of protection against wild swings that are inherent in crypto markets right now but not necessarily set out by developers behind digital currency networks etc.. It also doesn’t hurt being able to sell some part of them whenever needed for unexpected expenses every now and then 🙂 Just my opinion… hope I didn’t disappoint anyone 🤗

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