How Much Could Xrp Be Worth In A Year?

what are its rivals?

It’s hard to tell. As recently as last year, experts were saying it would reach $100 by the end of 2017. But the market hasn’t gone up at all since then, and many analysts now say they don’t expect it to again anytime soon. The price is still steep relative to everything else out there—in fact, even higher than bitcoin itself—making it tough for investors to buy in and start earning money immediately. For example, you can mine litecoin with an ordinary computer rather than a high-end graphics card and energy costs that will make buying small amounts of xrp impractical. There simply aren’t that many places to spend xrp yet.

MuscleMinds wrote: mineshaft – Dec 10th ’18 #104

No one has ever achieved these charts in real life? I’m beginning to think such predictions unrealistically optimistic & imaginary!