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[05:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Fluttershy 😀 [04/09/2014, 5:46:46 PM] drinternetphd: hi! [04/09/2014, 5:47:06 PM] drinternetphd: I have a woman who has been trying to get me to talk about trannys… do you think I’ll get a follower? [04/09/2014, 5:48:54 PM] Athena Hollow: It’s funny. My friend (who was male before getting his biotch removed) wrote an actual woman in the chat and it made it seem like transwomen are basically mincing frou frou girl-men. Uhhm. ughhhh is wrong with people?!?! So bizarre! [04/09/2014, 5:50:17 PM] Athena Hollow:[color=green]”lol” isnt what they’re using.? “trans women are mincing frou frou girls.” idk why that came out of my mouth but i remember laughing by myself cause idk what else to say.. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh so fucking weird. fuck everyonetheyre all icky little cock-hungry bitches with no commas between them when they write englishthe only reason anything about digital hugs or whatever even existed prior to this year was because i had thrusting conversations with guys on irc back when ive never seen anyone use em