How Much Do You Have To Make On A Trade To Make A Profit On Binance?

Spotcoin is a European fiat-to-crypto exchange that offers a wide variety of altcoins. The company has been making more headlines in recent weeks after being formally added to the Coinbase’s new index program.

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In 2017, Binance established its blockchain lab with an eye on cutting edge research on cryptography, distributed systems and economics within the industry which is why many investors see it as one of the most secure exchanges in existence. In August 2018, Binance debuted its native coin BNB which was designed to facilitate lower fees while incentivizing traders while also increasing stability in value via a built-in stablecoin mechanism. With over 100 mln users registered on their platform at last count, binance boasts one of the world’s largest crypto markets which keep growing due to continuous user growth and new additions such as USDT withdrawals support which makes it fully compliant with US regulations for fiat deposits and withdrawals . They offer competitive trading fees compared with other major exchanges such as OKEx who charges 0.1% for maker trades and 0.2% for taker trades but is also slightly larger than Binance when comparing user numbers alone: it has around $100 bln liquidity versus Binance’