How Much Does Uphold Charge To Convert Bitcoin To Xrp From Another Exchange??

I have got some bitcoin and looking to convert it to litecoin.How much does uphold charge to convert bitcoin to xrp from another exchange??

Honestly… there is no set standard and generally what you pay (or don’t pay) will depend on the market and your individual circumstances. The average price for a LTC/BTC trade on Cryptohub is roughly 0,00027 right now which is ~2% of the current BTC price. This exchange charges no commission at all, but simply buys or sells (the equivalent of you converting BTC into XRP). That means that if this particular conversion happens today then rather than paying 2% in fees… I’m getting paid €0.04! How’s that sound?

They also process trades pretty quickly so should be real quick and painless and give nothing back as far as Fiat goes so I tend not to use them myself as they’re giving away money for free…. but since you’re already there then allow me to tell you what exactly do I mean by Litecoins? And why would those alt coins ever cost more than just Bitcoin itself? Very simply: There are simply fewer coins available compared with Bitcoin therefore, as such BTC -> XRPs or any other coin -> anything else will tend to become slightly more expensive due our limited supply vs demand ratio – hence trading costs – thus leading us down a different path compared with the likes of Bitstamp who take a very strong stance against