How Much Is $100 In Bitcoin?

$100 is a lot of money. I’ve been working as an engineer at Coinbase for over a year, and have invested in several cryptocurrency projects, so no surprises for me.

@joshuad Koolio – good to see you here! Did you tune in last week? I’m planning on taking it easy this week but we’re doing some more free-to-listen interviews with crypto community members and investors starting 9/26!

I think we had like 8 or 10 people tune in at max during that episode: joshuad @joshuad Yeah, I listen to all the shows. Always looking for investment information though! Kinda sad about the price drop (but not really), hope it recovers soon Koolio @joshuad Thanks for having me, Josh! We never know what might happen just yet. $BTC $ETH $BCH $XRP $NEO