How Much Is 50 Dogecoin To Usd?

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How much would you pay to own 1 US Dollar in USD(or any FIAT currency) at the prospect of having 1,000,00 USD/DOGE tomorrow from a new investor from China or from Japan. If your answer is “100%”, then there isn’t anything I can say that will convince you otherwise. And if your answer is “0%”, then you’re crazy too.I’m not certain what exactly generates the hype around Dogecoin (and many other cryptocurrencies), but frankly I’d rather use it to tip my pizza delivery driver than buy it as an investment. Maybe 15-20 years out, when we no longer need physical cash, maybe 56kbps connections will be fast enough to make paying online transactions instantaneous, maybe blockchains could one day effectively replace public databases (probably won’t), and maybe this tech could still work without electricity (it won’t). Right now though, all I want is my $1 combo meal with extra olives because I paid by DOGE instead of dollars.Also for those who think investing sounds like gambling: Quit right now! Lotto tickets are not investments! Investing means buying cheap companies that produce something real people actually need. There’s no guarantee that tech will even exist 20 years out so don’t assume simply buying tech stocks will help your portfolio later on;