How Much Is A Binance Account Cost??

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i don’t know how much is a binance account cost?? Submit reddit post ] via /r/binancebot Prior to the release of Binance Launchpad, a lot of people were using telegram groups in order to connect with Binance. Being a bot meant that you did not have to keep up on the latest news and if anything went wrong or something new was released, you could just rely on your group for this but the problem with these groups was they tended to disappear over time and once they did many would get rid of their bots at which point there was no way of connecting back although some good people managed to do so and had success by doing so. When we launched our own official discord server we considered creating an automated bot where information and links would be pushed directly and instantly onto users which also needed them to register for themselves however we thought this might come across as spammy so we turned it into more of ‘natural’ user interface that didn’t feel like special treatment . We then asked poster what features would make sense for such a bot (we weren’t sure if such an idea would even work) and the top two most requested features were rebroad