How Much Is Fee For Transfering Xrp On Binance?

how do i go about transacting with a fiat currency into my binance account?



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LegendaryActivity: 1453Merit: 953 Re: Binance has super fast withdrawals August 24, 2019, 12:42:49 AM #16 Quote from: ccn_crypto on August 23, 2019, 01:11:00 PM How much is fee for transfering xrp on binance? If it’s not too much and you’re lucky just to be getting $20 then I’d just leave your money there and transfer the remaining $1.5 over to Poloniex once per month and just hold onto your xrp there. I never touch my XRP at Binance as too many trades (ostensibly free but intermediated by them such as direct buys/sells) mean they take 20% of my crypto balance which can add up if you’ve got lots of altcoins even if those aren’t xrp. To me it feels like they’re trying to muscle in between buyers and sellers (and that is absolutely NOT what people who use their exchange need). Anyway that aside though, Poloniex might be more suitable because they don’t charge any fees for currency transfers onto their site (unlike bittrex) but also unlike bittrex binance only accept credit cards – so these are