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In this video I will explain in detail how bitcoins actually work.How many bitcoins exist and what they can be used for has been the subject of much debate over the years, though estimates put the number at around 33 million BTC, with about 11 million in circulation currently.This website uses cookies, some of which may already have been set. With its unique mix of elements — new money and digital games — bitcoin is not just a currency but also a social experiment and economic opportunity for everyone, and we want you to get involved! This new virtual cash really began attracting attention on December 3 when it flashed past $1,100 before quickly settling down again to settle around $980 by mid-morning Thursday (16:00 UTC).The price continued to drift up throughout Friday morning, eventually crossing $1K before climbing very slowly for most of Sunday afternoon. The market looked dead earlier today as Bitcoin had fallen back into the red after briefly trading at around $737-$751 levels all day long; however early on Monday that situation changed dramatically as we saw one of the greatest Corrections (a drop of more than 20% from a high) since 2013 begin with Bitcoin dropping gradually through Tuesdays low before doing exactly what we did not want during this bearish period namely move drastically lower through Wednesday night’s close—