How Much Money Do Crypto Exchanges Make?

Crypto exchanges are profit centers for cloud mining. You can be assured that all crypto exchanges make money by charging fees for each transaction, along with the processing of trades. The greater number of users there are on your platform, the more fees you will charge for each transaction.

If your crypto exchange only takes small amounts (less than a couple hundred dollars) from users, then it probably doesn’t make enough money to cover expenses and pay its employees. In some cases, miners might bypass an exchange because they don’t need it to facilitate transactions, instead using a peer-to-peer website such as Localbitcoins to transact directly with one another.

You may also see that some exchanges specifically target the mining community in their marketing materials and public relations material because of how profitable they can be at times when Bitcoin is going up in price—but keep this in mind: Many miners do not even have a specific interest in Bitcoin but instead prefer altcoins or other digital assets altogether due to how inexpensively they can be mined or minted through proof-of-stake protocols such as NeoScrypt and Primecoin. It is possible you would have been better off paying a few dollars on an exchange where you could buy several shares of crypto currencies targeted specifically towards miners versus buying them through the same type of cryptocurrency trading platforms that target everyone else who wants bitcoin or ethereum without having to mess around with coin prices or spreadsheets!

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