How Much Money Is One Dogecoin Worth?

This is an interesting question. For a digital currency to retain its value, it must have a use and usage surrounding it. This is why Bitcoin has been relatively stable over the past few years. At the moment, there are several uses for Dogecoin which include, but are not limited to: tipping on Reddit and other social media websites such as Facebook which can be used with sites such as Fiverr; sending money across the internet by transferring funds from one account or wallet to another; purchasing cheap goods or services from vendors that accept Dogecoin through online payment providers such as PayPal and Amazon Payments; and using of cryptocurrencies in conjunction with many games and applications including Coinako’s Dogewallet app which enables you to carry out basic operations such as receiving payments without fees of up to 2%. The most important reason behind dogecoin’s stability in value compared with other cryptocurrency pairs is due to its long term growth on popular exchanges such as Poloniex (active).

So if you’re thinking of donating some dogecoins, then we suggest that you wait until Poloniex has an active volume before donating away your hard earned money on the platform.

How much is one bitcoin?

Bitcoin was born back in 2009 through a system known as an ‘open source’ transaction protocol invented by Satoshi Nakamoto who had previously founded a website called WikiLeaker; WikiLeaker being used wordplay of WikiLeaks. Unfortunately for Nakamoto himself, no