How Much Money Should I Invest In Crypto?

“We offer a free service, and we’re willing to donate a portion of our fee to charity. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the generosity of those who choose to use NEO as media source. However, we also want to take as much as possible home as profit, so we work hard to cover our costs with advertising revenue.

To be clear: ad-free websites aren’t profitable due to all that ad space being donated by users for the greater good! Instead they rely on generous people donating their spare ad space in exchange for a small cut of our profit share The donations are signed up through various crypto wallets and collected from users by an automated email system – signed receipts are available upon request.

The forum forum is hosted via Media Monkey’s user paid subscription service (a donation based model) which provides enough income covering all hosting fees, exclusive features not seen elsewhere on NEO forums, regular updates of new features requested by the community population since time immemorial, regular member server monitoring during downtime hours (despite generous donation offers).