How Much Money To Start Day Trading Crypto?

The Bitcoin market is crashing, and traders are worried there might be no trading opportunities for BTC/USD anymore. However, if you ask crypto trader Tony Lee, he will tell the world to stop worrying about Bitcoin price volatility. He considers Bitcoin as a huge amount of money which can be used “like an ATM machine” for day trading purposes.

Lee spoke at his recent The Future Of Cryptocurrency Conference Russia 2018 conference held in Moscow. Lee emphasized that Bitcoin can be traded like any other currency, with traders having the ability to choose the right time to buy or sell it at their own level of comfortability. He also suggested that institutional investors are now entering into this market because they are starting to see the potential profit brought by Bitcoin trading. If the institutional investors decide to enter this market aggressively, there can be further pressure on Bitcoin prices within a short period of time. As seen in JP Morgan’s Chief Equity Strategist Kevin Kelly recently called Bitcoin “the biggest bubble ever” claiming that this cryptocurrency does not have value at all because it has too much value already due to speculators boosting its price through arbitrages-and forced buying by bots programmed by developers who know how much money should be made from it..