How Much Tax Do You Pay On Crypto Profits?

Is a Crypto IRA a good idea? Is there a Bitcoin ETF coming soon? Should I buy system components from Amazon or B&H Photo. How much Sarbanes Oxley compensation has been paid to the victims of Enron, MLM, and Bernie Madoff schemes. What is your favorite hard drive model for smaller form factor PCs? When does EOS go live?”

I judge this book by its cover when it comes to the list of questions above. If you are not necessarily care about them per-se but want to learn more about what “Ethereum is‘ in detail, then this is an excellent resource for you! You will find all these answers in this guide (and more).

However, even though it gives great information on Ethereum…the author barely touches on some other projects like NEO (Neo), Qtum (Qtum), Cardano (ADA) which are also ridiculous in their own right that deserves better spotlight in comparison with Ethereum . This would be really helpful if he had placed his focus on top 10 cryptocurrencies instead of just one with tons of informations provided for lucky readers who picked up the book at library before me. All things considered…this book is worth reading because it can quickly give you enough insights to get started with cryptocurrency world without wasting too many hours doing research online/at books stores etc which can be time consuming …and even preparing for what will probably never come! 😉😉Somehow I