How Much To Convert From Xrp To Bitcoin On Uphold.Com?

If you are converting a fiat currency (dollars, euros, etc) to XRP at the rate of 1 to 7 dollar or so then it is very cheap. If you are converting at worse than that then it becomes less viable because the price of bitcoin rises in comparison to USD by so much. That’s why I’m addressing this separately in its own post rather than in the other two posts about XRP payments that deal with payments where one has bitcoin already. The conversion rates for these payments are lower because there isn’t any intervening currency. Without bitcoin an xrp payment would need to be converted between dollars and dollars which makes it more expensive in terms of the intermediate-currency cost ratio. Not sure if I have explained myself well there but hopefully my explanation was clear enough for anyone out there who might be wondering how much to convert from xrp (anywhere within cryptocurrencies) into bitcoins. There is also an interesting discussion about this on reddit here Will paying with XRP save me money?Why not? Don’t know what your reasons for not spending it were though maybe you lost some coins during the hard fork? Anyway if they’re gone then spend them! (And no use keeping them around just because they were profitable before..unless you thought they were going to rise up again.)What do you mean your reasons? Don’t say “I can’t spend it while Bitcoin is stronger”, all currencies do better when Bitcoin goes down Lower costs too while BTC only went