How Much Was Bitcoin When It First Came Out??

Quote from: buwaytress on August 17, 2013, 09:19:09 PM Quote from: NewWorldMiner on August 15, 2013, 06:34:15 AM This is really interesting how that happened. I was thinking of starting mining (struggling with heat) but am not sure if any of you have had experience in this area?Are there any websites you guys can recommend for getting started?

I would suggest using Bitminter as they are the original Bitcoin miner’s pool. They offer more payouts than other pools and provides more uptime (with some exceptions). A new user who just wants to get an idea can find instructions here

You will need to use your own software since their service does not support Most hardware ASICs currently available. Depending on which hardware you decide to use you can choose whether or not to build an alternative controller. There are several different ways to do so depending on complexity and ease of implementation. For example Real World Miner has many options including one right fit for most users – but each option requires choosing a BFL unit first.. If your plan changes over time you can always edit the PCB design and change it up at a later date when orders come in etc… PCB designs also ensure that particular functionality is not duplicated in future generations….

There are few other sites out there worth