How Much Will Amp Crypto Be Worth?

It’s a great question. As you know, crypto right now is purely speculative and there are no guaranteed tangible or even centralized ways for people to get their hands on the coins as they’re not programmed as Internet-enabled “tokens”. What we do know about Bitcoin and other “cryptocurrencies” is that they’re highly volatile and highly speculative. So which ones will go up? Which ones will go down? If we can’t even answer that just yet, how much does it matter for each one of them to gain significant enough value where it makes sense to invest in them today instead of waiting for years down the road when everything might be different? And why should anyone care what these prices for the coins mean anyway if nobody actually buys anything with them except traders who make markets in them (or speculate on other people buying or selling them)?

So we ask ourselves: While we don’t really know what the price trajectory of the coins will be because cryptocurrency itself doesn’t have any industry to tether itself into – like fiat currencies – there still needs to be some sort of appeal that justifies having a financial incentive (to put money into), buying and selling things (to trade) or even accepting those coin as payment from people, so let’s see what kind of cryptocurrencies exist right now. And let’s also look at the future. How do I benefit from this? What could happen next, so you can answer questions like “How much will amp crypto be worth