How Much Will My Crypto Be Worth Calculator?

Crypto is a digital asset. “Digital assets” are basically just files. They have no value until someone thinks you should give them value, so it makes sense to me that’s how these people think of cryptocurrencies, as just coming up with some numbers that represent what will be delivered when the blockchain sends the file to the recipient. We already have this for other types of files – imagine coming up with some number that represents how much you want something else, say an iOS app, to cost. Obviously this would be nonsense because if no-one downloads your app then there’s no way you could sell it at any price whatsoever, so why on earth would anyone pay for it? That same applies here – if nobody wants to buy my file from Blocktrail once they receive it there’s absolutely no way I can get a return on investment in anything whatsoever.

Here’s a screenshot from blocktrail showing their “market cap”:

Yes thats right folks! This company has made $2 million dollars in around 10 hours without going through an ICO or raising any outside funds! Ok, lets assume all their numbers are correct… So my crypto is now worth 2 million USD+? Aha! You must be thinking there is some kind of scam involved here answering questions like this won’t solve my problems!! Sure enough most people do come back later and say things like “I lost money by doing all that work