How Much Will Xrp Be Worth In 10 Years?

To find out what xrp will be worth in 10 years, let’s use the Rule of 72. This rule simply states that an investment grows at a rate of approximately 8% compounded annually. The time period we are using here is 30 years; this should be long enough to see how much xrp will increase over time.

To figure out how much xrp will grow over 30 years, divide 1 by 3.1 (8%). On average xrp should double every 25x or so then move towards $10 each or $25 each, which means it could rise up to about $3 trillion dollars if not more by 2030. If it does reach this point at least some portion of the money would come from these specific users and not governments. It also depends on whether or not enough people will actually own even just one bitcoin/xrp, which is doubtful but still possible given their astronomical price increases.

Will Bitcoin Replace Fiat Currency?

You can argue whether bitcoin does replace fiat currency for transactions between individuals in the same way you can argue if a credit card is really a better medium than a paper check or a gold coin in terms of convenience and trustworthiness when making online purchases from legal vendors. But this article isn’t going to debate those issues because I don’t have anything against fiat currencies per se and think they greatly facilitate trade for most people who live normal lives based on them rather than trading gold coins